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We are a strategy driven team who help create business excellence with our resource ecosystem and cross-functional expertise

Our Leadership

Zhooben Bhiwandiwala

President – Mahindra Partners and Group Legal
Member of Mahindra Group Executive Board

Parag Shah

Managing Partner

Collaboration and Synergy

The Mahindra Partners CEO council comprises of all the CEOs of our portfolio companies and our managing partners. The council meets at regular intervals with the following objectives in mind:

  • Discussing issues and initiatives which are common across companies for improving performance
  • Sharing best practices and latest implementations which have resulted in positive results for replication
  • Inviting top experts from various industries to provide exposure which can strengthen our knowledge and decision making

The Mahindra Partners HR Council was formed with a view to co-create and channel the HR agenda of our portfolio companies, keeping industry best practices in mind.

The key objective is to encourage interactions and learnings from each other’s journeys and share internal success stories on the various HR interventions. The council meets once every three months to share best practices and build an agenda on what our companies need to focus on. It aims to create a platform to:

  • Collaborate on
    intersecting initiatives

  • Leveraging synergies
    across companies

  • Acquainting all with the
    latest functional trends

RISE awards is an annual celebration of excellence at Mahindra and Mahindra.

It rewards employees from across sectors, including Mahindra Partners. The awards ceremony also showcases artistic talents from within the Group.

Participants are welcome to submit their case studies in different categories ranging from - Innovation, Diversity, Front End Transformers, Veerta, Synergy, Sustainability, Safety, ESOPs and The Mahindra Way (TMW).

Every year, the Senior Leadership team of Mahindra Partners Corporate, along with senior leaders across its portfolio companies meet for the Annual Partners for Change Leadership Conclave.

Held at an off-site location with a pre-decided theme, it is an immersive experience for all the participants over 3 days.

We organise multiple sessions with external business leaders and Indian experts on areas of strategic importance, as well as the sciences, arts, public life. After these intense days of learning and reflection, we have very unique evenings with once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

We also have a tradition of unveiling a commissioned painting every year from a local artist. This imbues the Indian artisan tradition in our Conclave and these painting remain with us at the Mahindra Partners workspace.

In 2018, the Mahindra Partners HR Council was faced with a singular challenge for the employees of our portfolio companies.

The diversity of our businesses, and the limited employee base in some of them, made it challenging for companies to run their own learning programs.

Keeping this in mind, Partners Pathshala was launched as a platform to bring together relevant opportunities for continuous learning across our portfolio companies. It aims to identify common learning requirements and design programs based on these needs. This leads to designing relevant programs which create better synergy among our companies, as well as optimizes on costs.

The platform provides skill building articles, webinars, videos and even self-paced courses. There are ongoing virtual sessions focusing on diverse themes delivered either by SMEs or experienced leaders. These sessions are a combination of theory and practical application, delivered through a dedicated 30-Day learning calendar.

Leadership development
Alumni Messages

When I reflect on my time here, the array of diverse learning experiences strikes me as most unique. Where else can a person start by leading marketing efforts for a service company (M Retail), followed by an investment stint in a private equity setup (M Partners), and then spearhead digital efforts for a manufacturing company (M Accelo & Cero).

Above and beyond my work here, what I reminisce the most are the exemplary people in the ecosystem - its leaders, mentors and my colleagues - and the great time spent in learning & working together.

Alok Dukle

Co-Founder - Intelisa

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Mahindra Partners was my stepping-stone in the corporate world. It was my first job... fresh out of college in 2012. I was part of 5 member HR team that we had and was the youngest member of the team. I remember Zhooben asking Moon (my boss back then) if I was old enough to be employed!

I enjoyed my time with partners by making new mistakes every day and learning from them...after all that's what your firsts are about!

Ritu Yadav

HRBP - Cummins India

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I never imagined I would start my career at Mahindra Partners. Working with Partners was not like doing a normal job, it was an unique culture which provides a sense of belongingness, freedom, empowerment, etc. at work.

It is an institution created by great leaders and supported by a multi - talented team. I always cherish moments what I spent during my stint at Partners. I carry lot of learnings which are still helping me in different roles.

Rajvimal Agarwal

Head Accounts - Accelo

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I was privileged to be a part of the Mahindra Partners family from 2007-2010 working on the powerboats business division, now Mahindra Marine. As one of the earliest members on this project, my duties spanned a whole spectrum of functions, right from market research and brand identity to manufacturing, sourcing and operations.

From co-developing and presenting the business plan to the board to helping develop the sales and after-sales process for institutional customers. I was so lucky to work for leaders like Zhooben and Parag, who showed me that sky was the limit from Day 1.

Not only did they help me look at the big picture every time I would get caught up in the details, but they also empowered me tremendously to make decisions and develop my own leadership skills. Thanks to my time at Mahindra Partners, I built my self-confidence and critical thinking ability – skills that I use in my current role at Mattel in bringing new toys to life globally.

Wishing this group great success and I cannot wait to see what’s next!”

Akanksha P Mohla

Global Supply Chain Manager - Mattel Inc.

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