Our global portfolio spans across logistics, healthcare, clean energy and renewables, among other sectors

We believe in patient capital and collaborative partnerships with entrepreneurs who are committed to building a legacy. Our investments are made with a longer horizon, from an evergreen pool, allowing our portfolio companies to take long-term bets. We seek to add value to business and society - building sustainable businesses for the future.

How we work: Mahindra Rise


We support and celebrate innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, well-reasoned risk-taking and reward performance.

Good Corporate Citizenship

We have always believed in doing business with a larger social purpose, keeping in mind the welfare and growth of the communities we serve.

Customer First

At Mahindra, we follow an internal metric called the ‘Customer as Promoter Score’. This is one of the ways in which we measure the success of our businesses by their level of customer-centricity.

Quality Focus

Each of our businesses achieves its goal through individual strategy, while keeping a close eye on maintaining quality, every step of the way.

Dignity of the Individual

We respect the time and efforts of our stakeholders; and all our policies are designed, keeping their well-being and betterment in mind.

Our Support to Your Startups

We listen and deliberate to set a joint vision.

Patient Capital. Expect Returns Over long horizons

Mahindra businesses that can be early adopters and beta customers

Distribution Channels and Scaling up

Mahindra Group Strength
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    Global Federation

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Internal collaborations with group companies
Partners USA
Partners USA

We are the Silicon Valley initiative of Mahindra Partners, a corporate venture capital and private equity arm of the Mahindra Group.

We are partnering with young companies who are creating technologies to transform the world. We seek to accelerate growth of emerging enterprises through patient capital and active strategic support.

Established in 2016, Mahindra Partners USA was created with an intent to invest in dynamic entrepreneurs with the courage to take the plunge. We are incubating and investing in technology startups focused on healthcare, mobile, enterprise software and sustainability, among others. We are supporting early stage startups to accelerate their business development and move to the next level.

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Our U.S Investment Focus

Early stage companies with demonstrated proof of concept. We seek entrepreneurs with
courage to re-imagine the world.






Current Investments
Partners USA Team

Mr. Amit Sridharan

Director, U.S Venture Investments

Mr. Neal Bhadkamkar

US Investments Advisor

Vish Palekar

Mahindra U.S. Venture Investments and Partnerships

Message from our leadership

Reflecting back over 10 years seems an endless horizon, covering a multitude of events – successes and failures. But reflection is a powerful stimulator for looking ahead at fresh horizons with renewed vigor. This brief note will hence combine recollections of the past, and potential for the future.

Mahindra Partners emerged from the thought that a uniquely different corporate model was a real possibility, during a period when Corporate and PE investment funds were the norm. Thus emerged a hybrid model –one of active oversight of existing businesses with new incubations in emerging sectors, alongside direct investing in external ecosystems.

In the early days, many traditions were challenged, but the uncompromising embrace of consistently high governance standards, ensured that we managed our investments with integrity, balancing economic goals with good corporate citizenship. This has reflected in the unequivocal respect of every business partner and investor with whom we have collaborated over these many years.

Zhooben Bhiwandiwala

President- Mahindra Partners & Group Legal
Member of The Group Executive Board

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Mahindra Partners was born with the purpose of enabling the Group to continue diversifying in new sectors and identify the businesses of tomorrow.

Our problem statement was to come up with a framework which would apply to the ‘federation’ model of Mahindras. In the process, we started building the quasi-Private Equity(PE)/Venture Capital (VC) concept. At one hand we had the strength of Mahindra brand which could provide backing for new businesses and at the other, we had the PE/VC model of working which could handle sector and stage agnostic strategy very well.

With all our investments, we provide the entire Group’s muscle power – our network, vendors, customer, best-practices and knowledge. We combine this with the agility of a PE/VC; not micro-manage businesses but hire or partner with the right team and back them up. We are always open to bring in like minded investor partners who can help build and grow businesses. As an entrepreneur, you get to decide what role we play for your organization and we help you achieve that. We never make interventions on a ‘push’ basis but a ‘pull’ basis. There are a few things which are non-negotiable, like integrity and compliances. All our businesses must believe in walking the talk, and adhering to the Mahindra Group core values.

We have built the three pillars of Mahindra Partners which are critical to our strategy even today: Incubation, Growth Capital and New Ventures. Over the early years, our focus was on managing our existing diverse portfolio for the Group and incubating new sectors. We have recently become more active in the investment model for backing new ventures and sectors

Parag Shah

Managing Partner

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It is a great pleasure to greet and congratulate the Mahindra Partners Division on its 10th Anniversary. This a business that grew out of the need to manage a seeming conundrum - how do you build and strengthen your traditional businesses while at the same time preparing for the brave new world that is emerging? Our answer to that conundrum was Mahindra Partners.

It combines the old with the new, the internal with the external. It embraces the gamut of business opportunities from steel to maritime mobility to retail to solar. It is an active overseer, a nurturing incubator and a far sighted direct investor. 

Its reach is wide and varied, and its businesses represent a patchwork quilt of diversity. Yet there is a strong common thread that binds them and that is their strong adherence to the values and ethics that are the hallmarks of the Mahindra Group. 

Mahindra Partners, with its innovative business model,  is our doorway to the future . I wish the entire Partners family many more decades of achievement. You have done us proud. May you continue to demonstrate the same exponential growth, while preserving the foundations of innovation, governance and purpose on which you have built your success. 

Anand Mahindra

Chairman, Mahindra Group

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