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Innovatively bridging the gap in real-time digital communication across value chain
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CloudLeaf is redefining the way enterprises work. Our intelligent sensor network brings assets and workflows into real-time visibility, predicting disruptions before they happen.

They securely deliver location and sensor data in real-time to CloudLeaf's CloudOS, enabling a powerful and cost-effective platform for real-time operational intelligence. They provide solutions such as Ultra-low-power sensors which provide micro-location tracking indoors, GPS outdoor location, shock, temperature, battery, and device health – all while communicating bidirectionally and storing thousands of data points if there is loss of connectivity.

Mahindra Partners Perspective

The world's largest supply chains are going through the digital transformation journey and there are significant pain points when it comes to managing asset and product flow visibility across the supply chain.

We partnered with Cloudleaf to address this large unmet need amongst the global enterprises. Cloudleaf has brought this solution to the clients of Tech Mahindra with a strong go-to-market relationship, and we also had the opportunity to deploy this solution in the Mahindra Group companies' supply chain.

Strategic Value

Mahindra Partners, Mahindra Group and Tech Mahindra are key partners for Cloudleaf. They will be invaluable in our GTM and global expansion, especially in supporting our efforts in India and facilitating introductions into the ecosystem of Silicon Valley.“ –Mahesh Veerina (CEO, Cloudleaf).

Mahesh Veerina

President & Ceo