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Mahindra Water Utilities expertise lies in Operation and Maintenance of Water Supply & Sewerage Projects

Mahindra Water Utilities expertise lies in Operation and Maintenance of Water Supply & Sewerage Projects. This involves extracting river water, treating it and further distributing it for use by industries and individuals. Mahindra Water Utilities supplies upto 185 Million Litres per Day of Potable Water to the Domestic and Industry customers in and around Tirupur. Its operations are spread over 100 square kilometers from over 30 operating stations. It has the distinction of maintaining 100% compliance with Water Quality and Zero accidents since operations commenced in 2005.


The company has established a consistent track record of operating and maintaining a complex water supply system for the city of Tirupur over 14 years.

While supplying 185 mld/day over a 300 km pipeline, all operating parameters for this concession have been achieved without interruption during this period which is a remarkable track record.

Strategic Value

Mahindra Partners have provided the platform;
In creating the visibility for Mahindra Water Utilities business among the Mahindra group and rest of the world. In value creation among employees, clients, shareholders and also to ensure the future availability of investment capital to fund new operations.


Chief Executive Officer

Message from our leadership
Message from our leadership

Mahindra Water Utilities, despite several external disruptive issues, remains a stable and reliable supplier of water to the city of Tirupur; one of the few such success stories in the country.

Zhooben Bhiwandiwala

President- Mahindra Partners & Group Legal
Member of The Group Executive Board