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Mahindra Waste to Energy Solutions Ltd provides unique solutions for converting organic waste into Bio-CNG and Organic Fertilizer.
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MWTESL focused to work on Biogas which is a clean and environmentally friendly fuel that emerged as one of the potential alternative fuels.

Biogas technology provides an alternate source of energy in India and is hailed as an archetypal appropriate technology that meets the basic need for cooking fuel in rural and urban areas. The rapid development of India‘s tremendous economy is following a path of exclusive fossil energy-based growth or is diverting towards a sustainable integration of renewable energies into their energy consumption, is a question of how fast renewable energy companies are developing alternative concepts and how fast these concepts become technically, economically, socially accepted. Mahindra & Mahindra with their engineering prowess has proved the benefits and unexplored potentials of biogas utilization by installing the Mahindra World City bio-CNG plant with a purification system to produce bio-CNG gas which is equal to auto-grade CNG gas and propels vehicles and tractor at the city.