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Mahindra Logistics is one of India’s largest* 3PL solutions providers in the Indian logistics industry
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Mahindra Logistics is one of India’s largest third-party logistics companies that provides customised solutions to organizations by integrating the right technology. Mahindra Logistics operates in two distinct business segments: Supply Chain Management (SCM) and corporate People Transport Solutions (PTS).

*On the basis of Annual Revenues.

Mahindra Partners Perspective

Mahindra Logistics’s asset-light model services have demonstrated an ability to capture the growing penetration of 3PL to deliver secular long term growth without significant equity dilution.

The advantage is their “asset-light” business model, pursuant to which assets necessary for operations such as vehicles and warehouses are owned or provided by a large network of business partners. Innovative technology has enabled an “asset-light” business model which allows for scalability of services as well as the flexibility to develop and offer customised logistics solutions across a diverse set of industries.

Strategic Value

IPO handling from conceptualization to completion, KC fundraise, recruiting key talent, providing strategic guidance on the business model and growth strategies, enabling a culture of empowerment and trust and supporting
with key decisions.

Rampraveen Swaminathan

Chief Executive Officer

Message from our leadership
Message from our leadership

Mahindra Logistics astounding phoenix like revival going on to a successful IPO in the space of a few years is another amazing achievement –that story is in the process of being separately published.

Zhooben Bhiwandiwala

President- Mahindra Partners & Group Legal
Member of The Group Executive Board