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Multidisciplinary consulting services to help build the infrastructure of tomorrow
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Mahindra Consulting Engineers Limited (MACE) has a robust team of engineers and sector experts that equip them to execute the most innovative projects.

MACE has always focused on engineering consulting services in the thrust areas of infrastructure. Their clients include infrastructure development agencies, government agencies, corporations, financial institutions, and public sector undertakings. Their services include preliminary engineering, detailed engineering, project management services to various sectors such as rural infrastructure and development, agriculture, special economic zones/industrial areas, renewable energy, water and waste water, environmental projects, and PPP advisory services for infrastructure projects.

Mahindra Partners Perspective

MACE is a purpose-driven company, and the business model and deliveries are in perfect congruence with the Mahindra Rise philosophy.

MACE is positioned as a knowledge hub blended with a strong underlay of social inclusion and smart, sustainable solutions.

MACE creates benefits for society & the environment through inclusive growth; enhanced eco-efficiency; improved liveability, sustainability, and economic activities.

Message from our leadership
Message from our leadership

Mahindra Consulting Engineers Limited (MACE), while growing slowly, remains an engine of innovation and diverse achievements and has spearheaded the launch of the Mahindra brand across Africa.

Zhooben Bhiwandiwala

President- Mahindra Partners & Group Legal
Member of The Group Executive Board