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Mahindra Accelo is a pioneer in the steel processing space in India, providing solutions for the processing of flat steel
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With a view to bring out the core qualities and sharpen them, Mahindra Intertrade and its group companies – Mahindra Steel Service Centre Ltd.

Mahindra Middle East Electrical Steel Service Centre FZC, Mahindra Auto Steel Pvt. Ltd. operates under an umbrella brand - Mahindra Accelo. Since its inception, Mahindra Accelo, has been an industry-leading company in the customized processing of flat steels, with its steel service centers set up across India and UAE. It caters to over 300 customers in three broad verticals namely automotive, power and electrical stampings. Recently, it has been rigorously working towards diversifying its offerings and venturing into new businesses.


Mahindra Accelo has continued its track record of highly profitable growth, through innovative product expansion, intimate collaboration with its customers and concurrent geographic expansion.

Continuous investments and a focus on innovation and global quality benchmarks has assured its leadership position in the steel processing industry in India and globally. India’s first certified vehicle recycling business, CERO, is only the latest recognition in a series of investments planned in emerging diversified business opportunities.

Strategic Value

Mahindra Partners is very good at incubating new businesses. The entrepreneurial mindset of Mahindra Partners has immensely helped Mahindra Accelo expand its portfolio of businesses. It has supported Accelo’s diversification into new businesses like Cero (Automotive recycling), created a global mindset and encouraged digitalization in a big way. Under Mahindra Partners, you get necessary direction and support at critical times along with the freedom to take calculated risks.

Sumit Issar


Message from our leadership
Message from our leadership

Mahindra Accelo has continued its track record of profitable growth, continued expansion of product lines and close customer relationships. India’s first certified vehicle recycling business, CERO, is only the latest recognition for a highly motivated young team.

Zhooben Bhiwandiwala

President- Mahindra Partners & Group Legal
Member of The Group Executive Board