We act as an incubator for new businesses and aggressively seek Venture Capital opportunities. Readiness to take risks is inherent, but combined with financial prudence, robust monitoring and risk mitigation measures.

  • Innovative

    The need to constantly innovate prompts Mahindra Partners to crowd source ideas from internal talent. Practices that institutionalize innovation within the company include a case-solving competition called Mind Games, and Shadow Boards with young talent.

  • Synergistic

    We constantly endeavour to collaborate in order to maximize our collective strengths. We have a range of programmes and initiatives that ensure a steady blend and exchange of talent, ideas and best practices between our companies.

  • Entrepreneurial

    The spirit that pervades Mahindra Partners can be encapsulated in one word: Intrapreneurial. This spirit of Internal Entrepreneurship drives each and every employee to RISE! We consider ourselves entrepreneurs, and believe that passion and resourcefulness will drive us to our goals.