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Starting 2020, our emphasis at Mahindra Partners will be on identifying, developing and growing a robust healthcare business.

The Indian healthcare ecosystem is at the cusp of dramatic transformation, and this presents a great opportunity to disrupt and redefine the way healthcare services are designed and delivered. Indeed, the very essence of the patient-doctor relationship is changing and we at Mahindra Partners are very excited at the opportunities this presents to recast and energize this crucial fulcrum of healthcare through the creation of new and credible healthcare solutions.

The current situation of healthcare in India, the growth trajectory that is underway and the emerging levers of growth in the space are what is fuelling us at Mahindra Partners, as we embark on a journey to build a differentiated healthcare ecosystem that delivers services at significant scale and at the same time creates deep social impact too.



We have continuously mentored both our Investee companies in their respective journeys and provided best practices from the Mahindra group. Have added value in cost rationalization , Digitization as well as introduction of new products and services.

Pirojshaw Sarkari (Phil)

CEO – Healthcare

If you are a growth stage healthcare business seeking investment,
reach out to Phil at [email protected]