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CERO is India’s first organized End-of-Life vehicle recycling venture.
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CERO (A Mahindra Accelo & MSTC Joint Venture) aims to recycle end-of-life vehicles in an environmentally-friendly way. They recycle cars, trucks, buses, two wheelers, industrial scrap and white goods using the best globally-recognized technology.

It uses world class equipment and processes to recycle vehicles so that there is zero damage to the environment. The steel and other materials are recycled and reused, thus saving natural resources. This recycling initiative aims to reduce carbon footprint through its eco-friendly practices and symbolizes an effort towards a zero-waste, zero pollution ecosystem.

Mahindra Partners Perspective

CERO is a one-of-a-kind facility and at Partners, we are pleased to embark on this socially progressive initiative with MSTC, to ensure responsible recycling of automobiles in India.

We are very encouraged by the support we have received from both the Central and State governments and are committed to establish global standards for this critical industry. We expect CERO to transform the way automotive scrap is effectively recycled in a sustainable manner.

Strategic Value

Mahindra Partners is very good at incubating new businesses. The entrepreneurial mindset of Mahindra Partners has immensely helped Mahindra Accelo expand its portfolio of businesses. It has supported Accelo’s diversification into new businesses like Cero (Automotive recycling), created a global mindset and encouraged digitalization in a big way. Under Mahindra Partners, you get necessary direction and support at critical times along with the freedom to take calculated risks.

Sumit Issar