Avaamo is a deep-learning software company that specializes in conversational interfaces to solve specific, high impact problems in the enterprise
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Avaamo is building fundamental AI technology across a broad area of neural networks, speech synthesis, and deep learning to make conversational computing for the enterprise a reality. They have expertise in 6 Industries such as Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Healthcare etc. Avaamo has developed deep domain models for these industries including 200 thousand pre-built models and 500 thousand Intents. Present in 27 countries. Avaamo’s conversational bots are deployed around the globe and can translate voice and text from one language to another (14 language models).


We saw Avaamo's leading ability to provide conversational interfaces to core enterprise applications for both customer-facing and internal applications across a variety of industries such as - financial services, telcos, healthcare, and industrial/retail.

The software was capable of running on the cloud or on enterprise servers and can automatically ingest and prepare client databases for semantic search. It is provided through a Software-as-a-Service model, which is attractive. Avaamo also entered into a strategic partnership with Tech Mahindra.

Strategic Value

We were setting out to do something extraordinary, build a new software platform for the next generation of human-computer interaction - conversational AI for very large enterprises. We chose Mahindra partners as an early investor- for their willingness to support our bold vision and the practical operating chops that come from being part of the $19B Mahindra group. Parag and his team have proven to be a value-added partner in our goal to build a next-generation enterprise software company” –Ram Menon (CEO, Avaamo).

Ram Menon

Founder and CEO at Avaamo